On 1 January 2014 12:09, Edgar L. Owen <edgaro...@att.net> wrote:

> Liz, et al,
> I apologize for not responding to all posts, I'm very busy running my
> business and have limited time to post here. So in general I'm just
> responding to posts that don't ask questions I've already answered, or
> those that demonstrate some real comprehension or genuine interest in the
> theories I present. It's pretty frustrating answering the same questions
> over and over or responding over and over to the same misunderstandings of
> the theories.

I'm afraid the misunderstanding isn't with us, my dear. We keep asking the
same question because you persistently misunderstand what the problems are
with a theory that posits a common present moment.

So, can you answer this one yet?

The relativity of simultaneity affects *all* time dimensions connecting
events. P-time, clock-time, whatever - they are all susceptible to the same
analysis, with the results that Einstein showed. How do you reconcile this
fact with your "theory" ?

Until you give a satisfactory answer to the above question, rather than
just woolly hand waving accompanied by patronising comments about how
anyone who doesn't grasp the pearls of wisdom from your towering intellect
must be imbeciles*, people will keep asking it.

Best all and Happy New Year!
> You too!

* The poor fools! They said I was mad, but I showed them! I showed them
all! Nothing in the world can stop me now, not even you, Doctor / Sherlock

** Oops, sorry, that just slipped out (must keep that to myself until AFTER
I rule the World...)

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