Another question that has been asked but not had a satisfactory response
is, what testable consequences does your theory have? Or if that's too
difficult, other supporting evidence could be considered (like mathematical

Comp, for example, appears to predict some aspects of quantum theory, as
well as some aspect of conscious experience, or so I'm told - which isn't a
bad start.

By the way I do understand WHY you need to posit a common present moment.
Any theory that attempts to quantise space-time has the same problem, that
it's very hard to do it in a Lorentz-invariant way. Computational style
theories (cellular automata, spin foams, LQG, CDT etc) all run into this
problem. Only a space-time continuum can be *completely *Lorentz invariant,
everything else has to break down at high enough energies and / or speeds.
Hence the recent result that appear to sohw space-time is smooth to a very
high degree of precision.

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