On 12/31/2013 4:47 PM, LizR wrote:
I don't know about the SBI, unless I know it under a different name - please 

The subjective Bayesian interpretation is what Jason dismisses as "don't ask". It's the interpretation advocated by Asher Peres (who's excellent textbook is available online), Leslie Ballentine, and Chris Fuchs. It holds that the wave-function is just a description of the system embodying the available information about it and predicting what will happen. So it's not surprising that Wigner and his friend use different wave-functions to describe the same system - they have different information. As an information based interpretation it may fit well with a "consciousness is just information processing" model. Scott Aaronson seems to like it too, but he's not an advocate.

I have a feeling that people don't like it because they think a *real* interpretation must be a kind of mapping onto a Newtonian classical picture and leaving stuff abstract just doesn't count. But mapping onto a classical picture is more likely an analogy that necessarily distorts the theory to fit.


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