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        That sounds a bit like multi-solipsism - and a bit like Kant (?) 
indicating that
        we can never know the "thing in itself" only our interpretation of it.

        (Actually isn't that also what comp says?)

    I think that's what science has taught metaphysics.  We make up models that 
we can
    comprehend and it they are good at explaining things and predicting things 
and they
    are consilient with our other models then we provisionally adopt them, and 
the best we can do.

But Fuchs et al don't even adopt their model. They say there is some underlying system (model) that explains our experiences, but for some reason deny there is any reality to that very model.

So far as I can see their model is that we describe our knowledge of systems by QM and when we make observations our knowledge changes - and that's the "collapse" of the wave-function.


     They may be right, be we can't know that.

    "When Herod asked Jesus what truth was, Jesus replied that truth was every 
word that
    proceeded from the mouth of God. Perhaps he should have said that truth was 
    provisional reification of the most useful model."
       --- Anne O'Reilly

I don't know where Anne O'Reilly gets that quote. It was Pilate that asked "What is truth?" and Jesus made no reply.

Dunno.  She's Irish Catholic, so maybe it's a Catholic myth.


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