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On 12/31/2013 1:58 PM, LizR wrote:
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    On 31 Dec 2013, at 03:09, LizR wrote:

        But I feel that you must already know this. Are you just being Devil's
        Advocate, or do you honestly not see the usefulness of multiverse 

    Partly playing Devil's Advocate - but doing so because I'm not convinced 
    Everett's MWI is the last word and because I don't like to see the hard 
problem of
    predicting/explaining *this* to be fuzzed over by an easy "everythingism".

Your use of disparaging language to sum up the opposing position doesn't fill me with optimism that you actually get why this hard problem may in fact have been solved. There is no "fuzzing over" involved in the MWI, quite the reverse - you need to "fuzz things over" if you want to get "this" out of QM as a unique solution. Collapse of the wave function and so on -- a "fuzzy" hand-waving exercise.

That's the usual argument of MWI advocates, "It's better than collapse of the wave function." But is it? It's only better than Copenhagen. What about Penrose? And what about the subjective Bayesian interpretation.

I'm not 100% ken on the straw man, either. /No one /thinks the MWI is the last word, because it isn't a TOE. But it /may/ be a good approximation (or it may not, of course).

?? It's an /*interpretation*/.

I disagree with this. Everett did propose a new theory. It is SWE, that is QM without collapse. *All* interpretations of it are multi-realities. Everett is just QM, and the Everett branches comes from not avoiding the contagion of superposition, which follows from SWE linearity. The existence of the relative superposition is a theorem of QM. Copenhagen is SWE+ collapse, and this is self-contradictory or quite fuzzy (what is the collapse?).

It is changing your knowledge of the wave-function - replacing some uncertainty with some knowledge.


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