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> According to Wheeler's empirical quantum model, (where the properties of
> a particle vanish in between observations

Yes that's Wheeler's theory, it's the stereotypical non-realistic
interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, unlike MWI which is realistic. Bell
didn't use Quantum Mechanics or physics of any sort and yet starting from
nothing but logic and high school algebra he was able to prove that IF his
inequality was violated THEN no correct theory can be BOTH realistic AND

Several years after he found the mathematical derivation experiment showed
that Bell's inequality was indeed violated. So a Wheeler theorists is free
to invoke locality or non-locality as he wishes; but because MWI is a
realistic theory a MWI theorist is in a much tighter box, if things are
local then there is no appeal, MWI is dead dead dead.

> MWI experiments require that some observers ask different questions and
> thereby obtain multiple spacetimes.

If MWI is correct and a experimenter wishes to know what thread of the
Multiverse he's in then of course questions must be asked and answered; but
if Wheeler is correct then those very questions change reality itself. To
my mind Wheeler's idea is even crazier than MWI, but that doesn't prove it

  John K Clark

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