On 11 Jan 2014, at 14:05, Terren Suydam wrote:

Hi Bruno,

Unfortunately I don't have enough familiarity with the math to follow you here. It is something I'd like to become fluent in one of these days but unfortunately I barely have enough time these days to read this list.

OK. Good book are Mendelson, Boolos and Jeffrey (and Burgess), etc. Unfortunately they asks for a lot ow work. Logic is the less known branch of math. The beginning *seems* easy, but is not (unlike computability theiory).

However one thing still nags me. I don't find it hard to imagine that given enough computational power, we could simulate a universe with alternative physics, that leads within the simulation to intelligent, conscious life forms, eventually.

The simulated agent will be conscious in the 3-1 sense, but we will have to "manipulate them infinitely" to fail them. Indeed they can read and think like us, do the UD-Argument, and find the comp-physics, and compare it with their artificial physics, and their choice will be that either they are indeed in a normal simulation, or that comp is false. But we will have ourself an infinite task to fail them. If not they will soon or later find the discrepancies.

So Glak appears in our simulation. And if we can simulate it, well, it's already in the UD*, as well as the infinite computations going through Glak's state.

Bur from their own 1-1 points of view, they are in the UD*, and will follow the path with the greater measure. They will not "stay" in the simulation. That will happen only in our 3-1 view (or 1-3-1 views).

The only way I can resolve this with your reply is that I fear you have to say conscious beings cannot exist in alternative physics simulations, but I'd love to be wrong here.

They can, from our points of view, but they will find themselves in the most common computations in the UD* which pass through their states. Those people stays in the simulation, only from our points of view, and this asks infinite word from our part if we want them to stay failed by our simulation. Their situation is similar with the stochastically rare witness of a quantum suicide surviver. He survived with probability 1, from their own view, but with probability near 0 for their witness (in iterated quantum suicides).



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