On 1/10/2014 8:57 AM, Terren Suydam wrote:

It seems that the UDA implies that physics is uniquely determined - but only for a particular point of view. So I, Terren, experience one and only one physics, because my consciousness is the selection criteria among the infinity of computations going through my state. But what about Glak, a being in an alternative physics? Glak's consciousness selects a unique/invariant physics for Glak, but that emergent physical universe Glak experiences is characterized by laws that are different from what I experience.

But then if you ask, "Why do not I, Terren, become Glak and vice-versa?" you see that the answer must be that it would be an improbable continuation of my brain states to suddenly instantiate a different physics and experience being Glak. This is like the "white rabbit problem", except in the form of why don't I turn into a white rabbit, that Bruno keeps saying must have a solution (if comp is true).


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