On 1/10/2014 10:27 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:
But what about Glak, a being in an alternative physics?

If Glak mind obeys to the laws of Boole, and if Glak as a finite body, and if he is self-referentially correct, then we share with Glak the same sigma_1 true sentences, and he figures it out (by Bp & Dt) in the same way, so we have the same physics. If Glak shows us an electron heaver than ours, we can conclude that the mass of an electron is not a necessity, but a contingency, a geographical fact, and there might be a law given the mass electron relatively to that type of accessible physics (given that we succeed in talking with Glak).

But there's the rub. Could Glak's universe not have electrons? Could it not have electrical charge? A theory that cannot tell us what is contingent and only that arithmetical (or logical truths) are necessary doesn't really tell us anything. It just says "Tautologies are true."


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