On 14 Jan 2014, at 19:05, Edgar L. Owen wrote:


'Non-existence cannot exist', obviously refers to the existence of reality itself,

Then it is circular.

not to milk in your refrigerator! Existence must exist means something must exist, whether it's milk or whatever. Individual things have individual localized existences, but existence (reality) itself is everywhere because it defines the logical space of reality by its existence.

That is not intelligible.

The Axiom of Existence means there was never a nothingness out of which somethingness (the universe) was created.

Assuming that there is a "universe". But then you do not explain why there is something. You just assume this. You axiom is "something exists".

Milk is created by female mammals in case you had some doubt?

Next question: Reality IS a computational MACHINE in the general sense of machine.

That is digital physics, which is refuted.

Thus of course consistency applies to it.

That does not follow. Machines can be inconsistent.



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