Wow, Liz, very sorry to hear about your friend. If you don't mind me asking 
(and if you do mind, simply ignore my question), if you magically just knew 
that the universe was in fact a large computation engine where all 
possibilities are eventually played out, and also entailing some form of 
QTI, would this provide any comfort to you at all? 

As far as I understand Bruno's UD, (and I'm really still not sure I 
understand it, despite lurking here for years and reading old posts) a 
consequence of being embedding in the universal computational structure as 
a machine is the fact that we cannot ever prove the correctness of our 
beliefs because our consistency is only relative to the part of the 
universal function we inhabit, and there could be other domains of 
computation where our beliefs would turn out to be false. Of course, what I 
just said could also be a load of gobbledygook because, as I admitted, I 
don't fully understand the entire argument, nor do I really grasp what the 
conclusion of the argument is supposed to be, nor do I really even 
understand what kind of ethical import any TOE could have on our behaviors 
here in the local domain. 

On Wednesday, January 15, 2014 2:03:42 PM UTC-5, Liz R wrote:
> I have to agree I don't think Edgar posted any links to his business or 
> blog. Indeed if he had posted links to a blog on his theory I would 
> certainly have looked because the explanations here have been less than 
> clear.
> I haven't criticise Edgar for a lack of immediate response once, never 
> mind on several occasions. I have criticised his lack of any response to my 
> questions when  he's replied to other things but obviously can't or won't 
> answer me. (I am still thinking of starting a thread on outstanding 
> questions to Edgar, but tbh I can't be bothered because I know it won't get 
> me or any of us anywhere.)
> On the subject of grief, I have wondered about that too. One reason is 
> that I don't know that, say, QTI is correct. But I think the main one is 
> that I personally have lost that person forever. My best friend was 
> murdered in 1995, for example, and that is someone I will never see again. 
> Likewise my father, who died over 10 years ago now. If they're still alive 
> and well somewhere in the multiverse that's a bit of a comfort but I don't 
> know that. Maybe I will realise it eventually, when I'm 150 say...

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