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I noticed they used the word "consciousness" 8 times but the word
intelligence  only once, and even then they meant Artificial Consciousness
not Artificial Intelligence. It should have been the other way around. I
think AI is fascinating but AC is a bore because nobody has anything
worthwhile to say about it, and if anybody ever does they're first going to
have to figure out how intelligence works.

> *Consciousness has a demonstrated, although poorly understood, role in
> shaping human behavior.*

Unlike intelligence consciousness has never been demonstrated to have the
slightest effect on human behavior, with of course the notable exception of
my own consciousness.

> The processes underpinning consciousness may be crudely replicated to
> build better AI systems.

Since nobody knows what process underpins consciousness there is no way to
know if a Artificial *Intelligence* system has replicated consciousness
crudely or with sophistication.

John K Clark


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