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> wrote:
> *>>> Explaining the values of the probabilities isn't the problem with
>>>> MWI,  it's explaining that there are probabilities*
>>> >> That's easy in MWI. Probabilities exist because until you actually
>>> look at it there is no way to know if you are the Brent Meeker who lives in
>>> a universe where the electron went left or you are the Brent Meeker who
>>> lives in a universe where the electron went right, due to the fact that the
>>> only difference between the two Brent Meekers is what the electron does.
>> > But you don’t think this applies with non MWI duplication.
> That is simply NOT true! After my body has been duplicated but before I
> have open the door of the duplicating chamber to see where I was I won't
> know if I will be the John Clark who has seen Moscow or the John Clark
> who has seen Helsinki, and indeed the distinction between the two would be
> meaningless because the two would be identical until the door is opened and
> they differentiate because then one has the memory of seeing Moscow but
> the other has the memory of seeing Helsinki.  So if both decided to place a
> bet on what they would see after the door was opened (and if one decided to
> place a bet then the other certainly would too because they're identical)
> then, provided they were logical,and I think I am at least most of the
> time, they would both put the odds at 50-50.

Well, I’m sorry, because I previously had the impression that you
vehemently disagreed with this.

> --
Stathis Papaioannou

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