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*> It has taken almost 20 years, but finally you acknowledge first person
> indeterminacy...*

Well.... I have always acknowledged that if a conscious brain is exactly
duplicated then there is only 1 conscious experience not 2 because the 2
brains are identical and identical objects do identical things in identical
circumstances. And I have always acknowledged that if a single change is
then made, one remembers seeing Moscow but the other remembers seeing
Helsinki, then there are now 2 brains producing 2 different conscious
experiences. And I have always insisted, and still insist, that after the
duplication has been made but before an observation is allowed, it would be
meaningless to ask if you are The Moscow Man or The Helsinki Man because
neither The Moscow Man or the Helsinki Man will exist until Moscow and
Helsinki are observed and a memory is made to differentiate the 2.

And I certainly think it is absolutely ridiculous to claim a great
discovery and base a philosophy on nothing but a grammatical quirk in the
English language and in most if not all human languages; in particular in
the way they use personal pronouns such as "you"; that word works fine in
everyday life but certainly *NOT* when posing thought experiments designed
to probe the fundamental nature of personal identity.

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