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> --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Rick Archer
> <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> on 11/12/05 9:33 PM, wmurphy77 at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>>> To think that the primary technique of TM would EVER take a back
> seat
>>> to Haglin's pseudo-scientific Siddhi's program is amazing to me.
>> Why are you attributing ownership or authorship of the Sidhi
> program to
>> Hagelin? Hagelin wasn't a major player in the movement when
> Maharishi came
>> out with the sidhi program. Sounds to me like you're trying to
> shift blame
>> away from Maharishi. Common mistake. He calls the shots and always
> has. Deal
>> with it.
> I'm implying that MMY has swallowed Hagelin's research as 'proof'!  I
> think the jury is still out as to the relative numbers required to
> create such an effect. I realize that it was at the suggestion
> of 'another' yogi (apparently) that MMY came out with this totally
> premature yogic flying, etc. MMY really thinks you only need the
> square root of 1% of the population (yada, yada) to shift trends in
> the world...BASED ON HAGELIN'S RESEARCH! Who's the Yogi and who's the
> chela now???  Hummm, think about it, it explains everything!

The way I heard the story, it was the Shankaracharya, or the guy MMY was
propping up as the Shankaracharya (I can't begin to keep the details of that
whole mess straight) who suggested to MMY, during a quick trip to India
during the Fiuggi course, that he offer something more to the Westerners. So
Maharishi pulled out a copy of the Yoga Sutras and began experimenting on
half a dozen of the M-group types around him (I got this account from one of
them). The sidhis didn't come out until 1977. The 1% effect came out when
Domash was reigning physicist in 1974. There was a campaign in the UK in
which one of the slogans was "you can be one of the 99 if you can get one of
your friends to be the one." Square root of 1% came out soon after the
sidhis, and Domash or Hagelin was physicist at that point. It was still
Domash until about 1980. Anyway, I think the theory preceded the research.
In other words, the theory of 1% or square root of 1% was bandied about
before any societal testing was done. And Maharishi spent countless hours
discussing this and lecturing about it. It's not like it was foisted on him
by cunning physicists. As always, he was calling the shots. He was tickled
pink to get a theory that would absolve him from having to get 10% of the
world's population meditating, or even 1%. Anyway, I don't think this
particular point has much to do with the failure of the movement. Although
the advent of the sidhis sure scared off a lot of respectable folks who were
beginning to take it seriously.

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