I received my TM-Siddhis Program, as the result of a work-study program in 
1979/80 - Worked a year, got the siddhis, after six months. No cash paid. Had 
very good results with the so called flying technique, and enjoyed it for many, 
many years. There was never a contractual obligation on the TMO's part, for any 
guaranteed results. I personally found the techniques to be quite powerful, so 
much so, that I stopped the conscious practice of the sutras, about twenty 
years ago, in order to focus on career and family. Now that I live a quieter, 
less scheduled life, I may begin them again. 
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 Did you fall for the hype about being able to levitate?

 Are you angry about the cash you lost chasing that dream of flying?

 Do your friends and acquaintances now laugh at you for being so credulous?

 Good news! You may be entitled to compensation. 

 Energy drink "Red Bull" settled two class-action lawsuits this week, agreeing 
to pay $13 million because their famous slogan 'Red Bull gives you wings' isn't 
true. Anyone who bought a drink from January 1, 2002 to October 3, 2014 is 
eligible to receive a $10 cash payment - regardless of whether there was a 
receipt for proof.

 Here's one of the ads they ran. If people can now sue for such obviously 
idiotic claims it only goes to show what a dumbed-down society we are living in.



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