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 When I learned the TM-Sidhis in 1984, I had to write out, in long-hand, a 
paragraph dictated to me over the phone from the TM-SIdhis course office, 
saying that I understood that the TM-Sidhis were for the development of 
consciousness, and that I understood that no-one was guaranteeing I was going 
to obtain any kind of special power. 

 Then I had to sign it, date it, and mail it back to them.

 THEN they would accept me on the TM-Sidhis course.


 Anyone who learned after doing that has no defensible way to sue on those 
grounds, I suspect, and of course, that was the point.

 What, they told you it was for developing supernatural powers - see Patanjali 
and Marshy's TMSP teaching videos for further details - and then made you write 
a letter that you understood it wasn't!

 I didn't have to do that but I did have to sign a lengthy contract absolving 
them of any responsibility for any unforseen problems etc. I asked for a copy 
and they refused which renders it legally invalid which amused me as I didn't 
worry if I had to sue. But then I wasn't worried because I'd seen "the physics 
of yogic flying lecture" and knew it was all about gaining super powers even if 
they wouldn't admit it and was told by the TMO that almost everyone masters one 
or two of them.

 Funny thing is we all know it's rubbish really, I mean deep down, but they 
don;t do much to dissuade the newbies, the idea of consciousness being the 
unified field has to have some amazing use if that is really what you are 
experiencing and influencing - there isn't much point otherwise. If the TMSP is 
simply for personal development they'll have to admit the Maharishi Effect is 
nonsense at some point, that's if we follow this line of reasoning to it it's 
logical conclusion.


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 salyavin, let's put it this way: I was pretty coordinated as a sport playing 
kid and teen and that level of coordination hasn't deteriorated much in 50 
years. Also, I notice that I often feel graceful in my actions, even if it's 
something simply like walking. And definitely less mind chatter! 


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 salyavin, you're partially right. I learned because of the prediction that 
mind body coordination would improve. For me that prediction has been spot on. 
And my first "flight" was pretty powerful, leading me to think that some 
profound transformation was occurring. I've known I'm no St Joseph Cupertino so 
haven't minded about no actual levitation. 



 How do you know that your mind-body coordination has improved, anything in 
particular? I did it for ten years and can't say I noticed any changes anywhere!

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 I think they should also be sued for encouraging littering!

 I tried one of these energy drinks once, never again. I was frothing at the 
mouth and babbling all night. Highly speedy. I can't believe they are legal for 
adults let alone children, and some people knock them back like I drink water!

 I think a class action suit against the TMO would be workable and lucrative 
because it's actually taught that the TMSP develops paranormal powers (the clue 
is in the name) and they even publish "scientific" lectures about how it works 
to entice the unwary into thinking there's a physical basis for it all. Given 
the amount of time I spent doing it when I could have been earning a decent 
crust, I would say that a round figure of £1 million ought to ease the pain of 
still being held to the ground by gravity. I might want an extra million to 
compensate me for the embarrassment of having to admit I fell for it too.

 Now we can watch the TB's claiming they only learnt for self improvement 
reasons and don;t care that they never developed any magical powers. Insert 
spluttering protests here:



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 Did you fall for the hype about being able to levitate?

 Are you angry about the cash you lost chasing that dream of flying?

 Do your friends and acquaintances now laugh at you for being so credulous?

 Good news! You may be entitled to compensation. 

 Energy drink "Red Bull" settled two class-action lawsuits this week, agreeing 
to pay $13 million because their famous slogan 'Red Bull gives you wings' isn't 
true. Anyone who bought a drink from January 1, 2002 to October 3, 2014 is 
eligible to receive a $10 cash payment - regardless of whether there was a 
receipt for proof.

 Here's one of the ads they ran. If people can now sue for such obviously 
idiotic claims it only goes to show what a dumbed-down society we are living in.






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