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I'm willing to join that class action suit!
/So, you got duped. //Some people are very susceptible to suggestion. Who is to say you're not being duped into responding to this planted message? It has already been established that you report to John Knapp at the TM-Free blog. //
//However, it does take some courage to admit that you were so dumb you actually moved up there and lived in a pod for two years, working in a hot kitchen for free and being forced to get inside a golden dome, get down on your knees and pray to Hindu gods muttering non-sense gibberish for hours - to help you learn how to levitate. What were you thinking?//
//It sounds like maybe you were put into a trance-induction state. In some individuals being in a cult for so long can produce signs of cognitive dissonance. This condition can be exacerbated when conflicts occur and a victim gets kicked out of the cult for questioning authority or for breaking the rules of the cult leader. You probably had to hitch-hike or take a bus back to your parents in the middle of the night.

When this happens the victims usually go to see a cult-exit counselor to get help, or in severe cases they visit a psychiatrist. If not treated, the symptoms may lead to a break with reality.

Sometimes the condition may become chronic and obsessive and might interfere with a person's social intercourse, their ability to apply common sense or seek normal employment. In some severe cases, victims might be eligible for medical welfare due to an almost complete incapacitation to do anything except read social media.//
//P.S. There is a nice ocean front property out in Arizona for sale and they would probably sell it to you real cheap. From the front door you can see the Pacific. If you'll buy that, they will probably throw in the golden gate for free./

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I think they should also be sued for encouraging littering!

I tried one of these energy drinks once, never again. I was frothing at the mouth and babbling all night. Highly speedy. I can't believe they are legal for adults let alone children, and some people knock them back like I drink water!

I think a class action suit against the TMO would be workable and lucrative because it's actually taught that the TMSP develops paranormal powers (the clue is in the name) and they even publish "scientific" lectures about how it works to entice the unwary into thinking there's a physical basis for it all. Given the amount of time I spent doing it when I could have been earning a decent crust, I would say that a round figure of £1 million ought to ease the pain of still being held to the ground by gravity. I might want an extra million to compensate me for the embarrassment of having to admit I fell for it too.

Now we can watch the TB's claiming they only learnt for self improvement reasons and don;t care that they never developed any magical powers. Insert spluttering protests here:

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Did you fall for the hype about being able to levitate?

Are you angry about the cash you lost chasing that dream of flying?

Do your friends and acquaintances now laugh at you for being so credulous?

Good news! You may be entitled to compensation.

Energy drink "Red Bull" settled two class-action lawsuits this week, agreeing to pay $13 million because their famous slogan 'Red Bull gives you wings' isn't true. Anyone who bought a drink from January 1, 2002 to October 3, 2014 is eligible to receive a $10 cash payment - regardless of whether there was a receipt for proof. Here's one of the ads they ran. If people can now sue for such obviously idiotic claims it only goes to show what a dumbed-down society we are living in.

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