Beautiful, beautiful.  

 Maybe we can get a graph showing the intersecting point, comparing the time 
you spent involved with the TMO, with the time you are spending bashing it.

 Yikes. With Barry, I think it's five years in, and thirty five years on the 

 I guess it's no surprise then, the near hero worship we see on Michael's part 
towards Barry.  

 Hey, I was fond of Barry too.  Indeed, I still have a soft spot for him.

 But, why would someone spend five years bashing for every one year spent in.

 Still collecting evidence?

 Methinks, something else at work here.

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 Head in the sand pie in the sky  - whether you put your heads up or down you 
wind up in the same place, buried in denial of the facts. Some of us 
"naysayers" do the world a service by informing people who innocently are 
curious about TM to warn them of getting involved with a bona fide cult. 


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   It is pathetic the little thrill each of these naysayers gets, upon their 
thousandth time "discovery" of some impropriety by the Movement, or Maharishi. 
They could be doing so much better, with their lives, and loved ones, if they 
would spend less time denigrating, and more time seeking. From what I can see 
of the three of them, they do very little in real life. Perhaps slinging all 
the insults is the best they ever feel. Definitely true of that Barry 
character, who only seems to stand tall, on the backs of others. Sad lives, and 
I wouldn't trade places with any of them, for anything.. 



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 Sal, it's always a pleasure to hear the disaffected cry how the TMO has 
reached a "new low" 

 Oh, how many times do we have to hear that?

 As though, you were really "pulling for the organization" up to this point.

 Please have a bit of self reflection.  It will do all of us, and especially 
you, a world of good.

 Pretty please.  With sugar on top, maybe?

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 You are being too kind - 

 Actually, I thought I was being successfully rather sarcastic!

 I thought it was a really good post, I gave it two stars.

 Not too shabby, especially as I've got a stinking cold.

 Maybe double-edged would be a better description than sarcastic.


 I was serious though, even though I don't believe in it I think it's good that 
it's being tested again and with so many that it will leave us in no doubt.  I 
can't imagine what the TMO will do when they don't have a leg to stand on 
regarding the Maharishi Effect. I know they'll just carry on regardless but 
they should take heed that we'll always be able to point to this and say "what 
about...". Unless it turns out they are right of course, in which case it'll be 
humble pie for the sceptics unless we're all too enlightened to care!

See "When Prophecy Fails - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
 When Prophecy Fails - Wikipedia, the free encycl... When Prophecy Fails: A Social 
and Psychological Study of a Modern Group That Predicted the Destruction of the 
World is a classic work of soci...

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While having the ME completely disproven might deter some people, my suspicion 
is that any TM True Believer still gullible enough to still be a TB at this 
point would just put on their big boy pants and tough their way through it, 
finding an infinite series of loopholes to show that the prophecy of world 
peace really DID happen, if you just look at it the right way. Or that it was 
delayed as part of a larger plan for world peace. Whatever...

Yes, you could be right. Hopefully we'll see. Maybe we'll get some more gems to 
add to the list of reasons why things don't work.

 Good book that, one of my favourites. Most interesting and I remember feeling 
sorry for them when the UFO didn't arrive, much as I'll feel sorry for Nabby 
when Maitreya doesn't. Not that he'll care or even notice...

 When Prophecy Fails - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia When Prophecy Fails: A Social 
and Psychological Study of a Modern Group That Predicted the Destruction of the 
World is a classic work of social psychology by Leon F...

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