e-n-a-b-l-e-r. Hadn't thought about that angle. Also likes to idealize Barry, 
and participate vicariously in his adventures. LOL - Your hilarious description 
of the nephew reminds me of Will Farrell's kids, in "Talladega Nights".

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 "Barry is just testing memes to see what happens when they are activated."

 Wrong, Taxius. Barry is insulting people. Barry is cursing people's beliefs. 
Barry is denigrating people, distorting who they are, and treating them with 
incredible disrespect. We are not his guinea pigs. He, rather, has become quite 
a specimen of craziness and abuse, under the scrutiny, of those he 
inadvertently attracts, through his antisocial behavior. You are a fool for 
taking his emotionally unbalanced state, for some sort of wisdom. Grow up, and 
smell the reality.

 Xeno appears to be that "kindly" uncle who thinks up every excuse for why his 
nephew, while being roaring drunk, pukes on the dinner table then falls into 
his soup after abusing his aunt with profanity and insult. Xeno is either a 
misguided enabler or he simply doesn't get it. 


"The TMO memes specify that we are in a state of ignorance, not knowing the 
nature of reality. But were we actually in the state of ignorance, we would not 
have the capability to correctly evaluate what we were told because we would be 
using delusional thinking to evaluate ideas such as transcendence, states of 
consciousness and so forth, so our following this system of thought about 
reality would essentially be an act of insanity, that is, mental illness." 

 Yep, absolutely correct. That is why we practice TM, to clear past 
impressions, so that we can one day see reality, as it is, not as we think it 
should be. Otherwise, we would remain impaired, as you say - in a state of 
ignorance. There is no way to follow the knowledge associated with TM, without 
doing TM. It makes little sense, like reading automobile service manuals, 
without owning or driving a car.



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