"Maharishi became more than 90 years old, of course he wasn't as fit as when 50 
or 70, it's only normal" 

How do you square that with the guy you claim to know who is 100 and is in 
complete mental clarity who does TM??? And Marshy was enlightened?

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Old age does something strange to many people but not all. My father started to 
mentally stumble when he was 85, a friend of mine is 97 and fit as a fiddle. My 
guess it's hereditary. Maharishi became more than 90 years old, of course he 
wasn't as fit as when 50 or 70, it's only normal. 
That Curtis brings this up is only because he needs to divert his anger and 
frustration onto something else. Probably it's getting cold to "play" on those 
street-corners, instead he spends too much time in front of his computer.

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Pardon my common sense, but all of this spinning, based on a few moments of 
videotape, strikes me as unscientific in the extreme. A bit of mental midgetry, 
imo. Might as well be speculating on the motives of Kim Kardashian, for all any 
of us knew of Maharishi during his last days.

I agree with you. Like I said, I have not watched a tape of MMY, other than 
that cherry picked few moments by the Australian interviewer and documentary 
maker, since my days at MIU so that would have been 35+ years ago. I know that 
I have been influenced by what others here described as his mental infirmities 
and I have read their accounts of their own subjective observations of later 
tapes but have not gone to actually see them myself. However, the question 
still stands for me: Does enlightenment preclude the possibility of mental 
decay or even senility and the onset of Alzheimers? Not having been around 
elderly enlightened people I have no idea.

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