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Ha-ha! So true - My fave zappa tune of all time is Peaches En Regalia. Always enjoyed his album covers too.

GUAMBO was an act of love, and for those of you who couldn't get in, this is, in part, what the Great Underground Arts Masked Ball and Orgy (Guambo) was like. Picture a ballroom about half the size of a football field, a room about the size of Canter's two rooms.

High, high ceiling. Big windows looking down three floors to the street. At the far end of the hall, a big stage, high in the air. On the stage at the beginning is Clem Floyd's newly reorganized Sound Machine.

Flickering and flashing at both sides of the stage, strobe lights and op art patterns are being projected on the ceiling and musicians. Everywhere else, people dancing. The crowd is larger.

/The Sound Machine/ completes their set and a group called The Factory moves in. More people start to dance and the costumes are getting groovier and noisier. Vito and his acolytes are here. The Factory finishes its set and /The Mothers of Invention/ go on...

/Vito and Szou Paulikos, Leaders of the Freakers Dance Troupe, Los Angeles 1967/

Read more:*

Los Angeles Free Press:*

*GUAMBO Is An Act Of Love – Mothers, Happenings, Dancing*
By Jerry Hopkins
Los Angeles Free Press, July 29, 1966
Pg 103


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Hot Rats, one of my all time favorite albums. The fellow was a genius but published too much of his enormous production.

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Frank Zappa lived in a log cabin formerly owned by cowboy actor Tom Mix on thid lot 1966 to 1968, when he left because too any weirdos were dropping in (not including John Mayall, who lived with Zappa when he first came to the U.S.).

*The L.A. Musical History Tour*
by Art Fein
Faber and Faber, 1990
p. 134

Other titles of interest:

*Weird Scenes Inside The Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & The Dark Heart Of The Hippie Dream*
by David McGowan
Headpress, 2014

*Freak out! My life with Frank Zappa:*


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    ...youmight have liked reading the link to the rather extensive
    history of Laurel Canyon.
    /Almost anyone who had any aspiration to being a singer and/or
    song writer passed through Laurel Canyon and the old Tom Mix Log
    Cabin. ///One of the strangest in the strange cast of characters
    in Laurel Canyon in 1967 was Frank Zappa. He rented the log cabin
    after we moved out - the strange part is that he was formerly in
    the military and he neither drank nor smoked - Frank was not a
    hippie - he was a "freak."


    Laurel Canyon Blvd. and Lookout Mountain Road, CA

    After all you were there.
    /Hotel Laurel Canyon://
    //"A strange cast of characters congregated in the Hollywood
    Hills where lots of rock bands seemed to be emerging into the
    spotlight at the same time. Countless rumors have materialized
    about what was really going there. Some people interpret the song
    "Hotel California" to be about the excesses of the Rock and Roll
    lifestyle, and as Don Henley put it, 'The underbelly of the
    American Dream'..." //

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