Eh, Fred Travis recently said he's found (last I heard) 51 new enlightened 
subjects for a new study he's doing on the physiology of Cosmic Consciousness. 
That would be in addition to the 17 he studied in the first paper(s 
-physiological and psychological measures of the same groups of people were 
reported in two different papers).



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 Whereas the Movement never would "out" an enlightened individual, there are 
many souls popping these days. How do you verify another persons enlightenment 
? You don't because you can't. Maharishi was asked this question and he 
answered that the person have to be enlightened himself to recognize 
enlightenment in the other. So all the beginners here at FFL; don't even try.
 "It is said that Lord Buddha brought 500 people to enlightenment. I think we 
will do better"
 His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

 Okay, so now we're getting somewhere. I think this must be true. Only an 
enlightened person would recognize enlightenment in another. "It takes one to 
know one." Who woulda thought.




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