I had exactly the same thought about lines crossed. I am even starting to 
really evaluate my participation here at FFL. Barry is a disturbed man who has 
really effected this forum. Because of him most useful discussions are either 
curtailed or participants simply stop posting here. And who can blame them? I 
am being very serious when I say the guy lives to pollute and he is very good 
at it. He simply should be kicked off, stopped, told to go away. He crosses 
lines of personal decency and respect repeatedly. He will the the death of this 
place. We have all of, what, 10 active posters here? I am not sure if I have 
ever used this word here but he is a real troll who seeks to pretty much 
corrupt anything of substance anyone says. The other trolls simply drive by and 
leave again leaving a steaming pile in their wake but Barry never goes away, he 
is a constant and he's perverted in very fundamental ways. Who wants to be 
around something like that day to day? Really, the toxicity of it is quite 

 Alex has banned others for smaller offences. It remains to be seen if Rick 
agrees and has the balls to done something about it.

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