Raunchy, I agree that Barry is a degenerate filth and a 
rotten piece of shit.

But, he cleverly worded his statement in such a way that it 
would seem to general readers, that true blue believers 
would condone such an act (whether by maharishi or anyone 

In other words, he seems to be implying that true believers 
are perverts or fools, as they would condone such an act. I 
think this provoked Jim and Ann.

--- <raunchydog@...> wrote :

 Geez, Barry.  I thought you were joking about abusing babies just to push 
buttons of imaginary cult members the same as I am pushing your buttons about 
being a pervert.  Abusing babies...wow!  That was a real knee slapper, still 
ROTFLMAO.  Pleeezze...call off the cops and I’ll never to make fun of you being 
a harmless little bunny again.

 Holy Grail - Killer Bunny http://youtu.be/XcxKIJTb3Hg   

 Holy Grail - Killer Bunny http://youtu.be/XcxKIJTb3Hg A clip from Monty 
Python's 'The Holy Grail' Also: http://www.youtub...
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 All schools in the Dutch city of Leiden closed on Monday amid police concerns 
that an internet troll had been stalking an alleged child molester suspected of 
abusing babies. Police are investigating the accusation of child molestation 
and have responded by advising all schools to stay closed for the day. 

 Leiden Mayor Henri Lenferink told Dutch broadcaster NOS: “It could just be a 
morbid joke but we don’t want to take any risk.”

 The police have issued warrants for the arrest of both the stalker and the 
pervert. Due to crowded jail conditions, it is likely they will share a bunk in 
the slammer until they can post bail.

Dutch schools closed in Leiden over online mass shooting threats | 
 Dutch schools closed in Leiden over online mass shooting t... 
 Home Breaking News Dutch schools closed in Leiden over online mass...
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 Preview by Yahoo 

 --- <awoelflebater@...> wrote :

 You have continued to see the world as your addled mind allows you to, bawee. 
You have completely missed the point. The point is, take responsibility for 
yourself, for once. Take responsibility for the fact that you are, plain and 
simple, a vile and obnoxious asshole who hides behind your imaginary (or real, 
it doesn't matter) investigative journalist who appears brain damaged if he is 
bothering to "study" what is already crystal clear here among the posters at 
FFL or else brain damaged because he has not yet caught on. His button pusher 
is a stooge and the rest of us are normal, well-adjusted humans who take 
exception to your bad manners and foul mouth. Simple. Got that mr or mr lurking 
reporter? How long does it take you to figure this out? Months, years? When are 
you going to grow up, Wright? Adults look at themselves once in a while and 
reflect on what they do and say. They take ownership of their actions. This has 
dick-all to do with MMY. You need to figure out what cultist means, that might 
help for a start. If it makes you feel any better, I'll claim ownership of 
being the Queen Cultist. There, better?


 --- <punditster@...> wrote :

We warned this guy years ago about posting these kind of 
messages - a double-edged sword. Anyone that has been 
posting as long as Barry (since 1994) has been posting 
should know better. Anything can be taken out of context so 
it's just much better to be friendly online and reserve 
off-color comments for buddies at the bar. This was really 
dumb of Barry - in fact, it's one of the dumbest comments 
I've ever seen on newsgroups since I started in 1999. If I 
was the moderator of this group I'd put him on probation 
with a very strong warning and demand an apology to the 
entire group and until he does I'd limit his participation. 

This was TOTALLY inappropriate for a family forum like this. 






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