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Raunchy, I agree that Barry is a degenerate filth and a
rotten piece of shit.

But, he cleverly worded his statement in such a way that it
would seem to general readers, that true blue believers
would condone such an act (whether by maharishi or anyone

In other words, he seems to be implying that true believers
are perverts or fools, as they would condone such an act. I
think this provoked Jim and Ann.

Nope. Folks didn't react to Barry because they were offended as "true believers." They were offended as human beings repulsed by the vile image of child abuse he invoked.

/What Barry posted was probably intentionally nuanced, but I've got to say it was a very strange metaphor to use on a public forum discussing spiritual paths, considering how almost anything can be taken out of context and used against him.

But,I've come to expect that from Barry - not for nothing did he call himself the "Uncle Tantra" for a decade or more. It was almost like he was so engrossed in winning a religious argument that he lost all sense of propriety and common sense.

I can't take sides in this since, as far as I'm concerned, almost everyone on this fourm has said something derogatory about me, but I'm not going to call the cops on anyone. I'll let others be the informants and I'll just continue to post information, or I won't. /

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