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Curtis, do you really believe people are offended by Barry's button pushing because his target is Maharishi?

C: I think that is at the heart of it. I say this because I often get personal insult responses to things I write here that are purely a critique of Maharishi and his teaching. Now if you are making a point that Barry also includes a bit of critique on the people who hold those beliefs, and that offends them I would go along with that. It wasn't about the babies on either side, that much I am clear about.

R: Baby abuse in just an escalation of his usual button pushing MO, the image of which would offend the sensibilities of any normal human being irrespective of their affiliation with Maharishi.

C: No babies were harmed in the posting. It was not suggested that babies should be harmed. It was a gross line but nothing that someone who watches South Park would be too alarmed at in the way it was being used. No need to clutch pearls. (tip of the hat to you.)

R:Yes, I do see the difference between a personal accusation and satire, do you?

C: I believe I was pointing that out myself, so yes. Even satire on dead public figures and living persons have different rules of engagement, or should IMO.
So, what are the rules Curtis, and who gets to set them, quoting Barry. There does seem to be some forked tongues around here today.

Just for the record, I've never harmed a baby and only once have I ever fucked over a rodent. And that was because it tried to hide in my attic and have babies, so I caught it in a trap; threw it out of the window onto the driveway - and then I ran over it with my car. But, I didn't call the police.
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Subject: Open Letter To Willytex
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R:Anyone reading my posts would have to be an idiot not to "get" the satire of my posts making fun of Barry.

R: So you are making a case that people reading internet posts cannot be idiots? I'm sure you really do get the distinction I was making. As an isolated post it might have not taken on the "Maharishi" effect it achieved on top of more direct accusations. I do think you are a funny person Raunchy and I get your intent I think.

R: BTW In response to Barry's faux victim outrage,

C: Having been the target of a similar routine I am less inclined to see it as faux outrage. There is something really unsettling about seeing the intent of your words twisted into this accusation. You realize that someone wants to actually hurt your fer real real.

R: I'm waiting for the Dutch police to come clattering after me in their wooden shoes.

C: I am a fan of your clever humor Rauchy. Always have been.

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