--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, doctor_gabby_savy 
> Some have made large cognitive errors in reading my posts and have
> interpreted "The VE will be in tropical Virgo in 13000 years" to be
> "spring will be in fall". That is muddled reading and thinking, but 
> is the distortion generating most of the rounds of recent posts.

Did you delete the post you made early in this thread
in which you said something to the effect that you
weren't sure how this purported phenomenon would affect
spring break?  I can't find it with Yahoo's search feature.

In any case, you *have* insisted that the vernal
equinox (i.e., the beginning of spring) will be in
September, which seems to be a pretty clear statement
that spring will be "in fall."

> > What will also change is the constellation that the
> > summer solstice will be in. In 13,000 years the summer
> > solstice will travel 1/2 of a full cycle around the
> > zodiac. 
> Thus in 13000 years the VE will be 180 degrees from its current
> position in Pisces, shifting to  virgo.
> In tropical view, virgo is "September" and the earth is comimg out
> of summer (when N Hem. is tilted towards the sun) and into autumn.
> How can vernal equinox possibly be in March when in Virgo?

The sun's position at the time of the vernal equinox
can be in Virgo without its being September.  That's
what gullible fool is trying to tell you, I believe.
One does not dictate the other.  They're two different
frames of reference.

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