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>(below: Peter says E not "caused" by a physiological state. ) I 
don't believe various groups of people are saying that.  They are 
saying "correlation", not cause.  We can point to at least 3 known 
groups of people whose supporting researchers operate on the 
hypothesis of correlation:  1.  Academics - East and West Coast, 
going all the way back to Dr. R.K. Wallace's "Physiology of 
Meditation" in Scientific American. Numerous people followed up with 
the physiological testing of "trained" meditators; in attempting to 
find out what exactly, are the correlates to meditative states and 
how such states differ from ordinary waking. Lately, Dr. Herbert 
Benson has expanded his research into studying the effectiveness of 
prayer (a different topic, for FWIW, his studies revealed a slight 
negative correlation: the patients being prayed for (in the group 
told about it), faired slightly worse than the other two groups.
  A second body of researchers testing the physiological correlation 
hypothesis is of course MUM; and apart from some "fudging" that we 
might expect on any statistics coming from MUM; I think (IMO) that 
there's a sufficiently large body of statistics from all combined 
souurces to support MMY's statement that "for every state of 
Consciousness, there's a corresponding physiological state".  Note 
that MMY never said "caused".  This could be a chicken and egg 
 A third group of people are Tibetan monks in various sects, who
have been urged by the Dalai Lama to participate in studies 
investigating the connection between states of Consciousness in 
experienced meditators, and corresponding physiological states.
  The fact that an Enlightened person can jump up and down and yell 
demonstrates nothing at all; since he/she may have passed through the 
correlative states accompanying CC, GC, and UC, before BC.; and only 
shows that the person is sufficiently integrated so that she can 
particupate in intense physical activities without any loss of 
 One of the problems in testing the hypothesis (ref to MMY's 
statement incorporating the word "corresponding" - i.e. a 
correlation) is that there may not be enough E'd people around to 
satisfy academic demands for what's reasonable in terms of 
statistics.  Surely, just a few people would be insufficient.
  Now, in regard to those people either a. claiming that physiology 
is totally irrelevant, or b. just ignoring physiology altogether; we 
could easily point to the Neo-Advaitins and their founders: Ramana 
Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, HWL Poonja, Gangaji, etc; but 
although Adi Da might be considered a Neo-Advaitin, he definitely 
supports the practice of various sadhanas designed to purify the 
body, and on many occasions, he uses expressions using the 
terms "bodily purification".
  Perhaps somebody more familiar with Ken Wilber can bring up some of 
his statements regarding this - the question of any physiological 
correlate to states of Consciousness.  
> --- Rick Archer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > on 6/27/06 4:52 PM, Peter at
> > [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > 
> > > There is no physiological component to
> > enlightenment.
> > > Any physiological component has to do with mental
> > > conditions. "Restful Alertness" is a condition of
> > mind
> > > neither closer nor further away from pure
> > > consciousness than any other physiological state.
> > > 
> > But still, enlightenment has an experiential
> > component. The perceptual
> > apparatus, intellect, emotions, etc., are
> > functioning differently. There
> > must be a physiological or neurological correlate to
> > this. Maybe not restful
> > alertness, but something.
> I agree to a point, but there is no causal
> relationship between brain functioning and
> Realization. Brain functioning does not and can not
> "give rise" to pure consciousness. "It" is
> supportless. In many post people seem to imply that
> Realization is somehow created or supported by a
> particular type of brain functioning. Ain't so Joe!
> > 
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