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> > > The first volume of the Collected Papers was published
> > > in 1975, I believe, and there was a section of studies
> > > on the TM-Sidhis, including Yogic Flying, including EEG.
> > 
> > Most of the researchis from that time, but the last section was
> > added just before publication. A whole 2 papers and the yogic 
> > flying brochure on the very last double-page.
> I had thought the first volume's publication date was 1975,
> but I hadn't remembered the stuff on the TM-Sidhis was
> a last-minute addition.  Could that have been a second,
> updated edition of the first volume that came out later?
> (Doesn't matter with regard to the date of the charts;
> I'm just trying to figure out why I thought the original
> pub date was 1975.)

All the other studies are dated before 1975 (76?). Perhaps its an updated 
edition with the 
sidhis stuff added, or perhaps you never noticed the sidhis stuff and only 
noticed that the 
studies were from earlier and assumed it was published earlier. The copyright 
is 1977 with 
no mention of a revision. The Library of Congress catalog number starts with 77.

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