--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "curtisdeltablues"
> Interesting stuff about the Chinese herbalists.  Do you take 
> ginseng?

Yes, but not of the same quality as what I used to
get from my herbalist friend. He had *single* ginseng
roots that sold for $10,000 -- wild (not cultivated)
very rare, and for whom the only real customers were
Japanese industrialist billionaires who would fly to
L.A., choose one of the roots, and then brew it into
a tea and drink it just before going into a multi-
million-dollar merger meeting. They believed that 
firmly in the value of the tonic herbs.

There are other herbs that are better for regaining
sexual balance than ginseng. I don't take them any
more because Ron (Teeguarden, the herbalist I knew)
can't export them to France for bureaucratic reasons.
I'm looking for a source for some of the most potent
tonic combinations here.

> Any Chinese stuff you can name for me to try out?

Not from memory. Ron's website is http://www.dragonherbs.com
He's got some good overview material there. 

> I have
> a good Chinese herbalist (I think, how would I know?) in the huge
> Vietnamese shopping center near me.  I would be willing to test some
> stuff. It is a mindbender even being in that place. Their claims are
> so complex it will be years till they can test them properly so  I
> think we just have to wing it and see if it helps.  I also believe
> that use it or lose it is the law of our bodies.

I was surprised by the effect that taking Ron's herbs
had on me, but having said that, 1) they were expensive,
and 2) he's a very well respected *tonic* herbalist.
Most of them aren't; they deal with the prescriptive
herbs, the ones meant for curing specific diseases or
weaknesses. Someone who has studyied the tonic herbs 
is more rare, and much harder to find in America.

> Now, on the women in different age groups. I can relate 
> to all you said. I don't have too many preconceptions 
> about ages, I try to take people case by case.  But you 
> can't help notice some patterns.  For me the downsides 
> of the 20's started to add up too high.  

Me, too, no matter what I may say to the contrary when
I really hot one walks past my cafe. :-)

> I consider the goals of the person's stage of life.  
> Someone in their early 30's who has never had kids 
> is a bad match.  Too focused on fulfilling that
> goal and I do not share it.  

Unless they never wanted kids and don't plan to ever
have any. There are more of them out there than you'd

> Lately I have had good experiences with women my own 
> age who have raised their kids and let them go, and are
> ready to explore life again.  If they have the fitness 
> bug and a positive attitude it can be a fantastic match 
> for me.  They don't all have negative baggage.  But they 
> have to be readers.  I don't care what the subjects but 
> they gotta love books.  

Tell me about it. I'm a writer. Am I ever going to
get along long-term with someone who cannot appreciate

> That raises the conversation level and makes every day 
> an intellectual discovery. Kindness is a quality you 
> can pick up on real quickly.  I can't believe I ever 
> budged on this criteria in my dumbass past!  

I'm fortunate; I never have. It's one of the most
important things for me, that and NOT HAVING TO
TALK ALL THE TIME. My "litmus test" for whether
a relationship is going to work out is going on
a Road Trip with the woman, driving. If she can
sit comfortably and enjoy the scenery and the
music and not feel compelled to fill the silence
with...uh...non-silence, then it's got a chance.
If she has to talk to know she's there, it hasn't.

> But now I get it.  Life with a kind person makes every 
> day sweet.  Without it, every day is a sentence in hell.  

Sometimes a whole paragraph. :-)

> Of course to put up with me they pretty much have to 
> be kind anyway right?  

Well, I thought that went without saying, for both of us. :-)

> It has taken me almost half a century but I am making 
> better choices these days and my happiness with my life 
> reflects that.  Youth truly is wasted on the young! 

Yup. And I think that this attitude actually makes you
look younger. Just look around at all the people our
age who look like they died several years ago and just
haven't gotten the telegram yet.

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