On Jul 25, 2006, at 3:14 PM, curtisdeltablues wrote:

"Caveat emptor. It's my understanding that a big reason for the "heavy

metals in herbs" testing done more and more frequently is because of

Chinese herbs in particular. Apparently some of these herbs are from

industrial sites or on tailings from mines and do contain heavy metals."

Shit!  Great point.  So maybe US stuff is the better bet?

It would be hard for me to comment, as while I've experimented with ginseng in the past in numerous varieities, eventually I concluded it wasn't for me. And it turns out ginseng, in general is a vata (air-space consitution) rasayana, and I'm not a vata. So I've ended up experimenting with other herbs and compounds. Although I've been hiking in forests in the northeast where it was everywhere, I've left it be.

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