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> > IMO Maharishi feels "betrayed" by those who don't do 
> > everything he says because *he* didn't do what Guru 
> > Dev told him to do. He was told to go off and 
> > meditate, and *not* to teach, and he did the opposite. 
> It is an interesting theory, but where does this info about what 
Gurudev told MMY to do or 
> not do come from originally?
I find all this talk about what Brahmanada Saraswati told Maharishi 
to do, and how Maharishi acted, hilarious and odd at the same time.

Let's all remember what Self-Realization, the full effulgence of 
enlightenment is all about...ready?...FREEDOM!!!

This idea that Guru Dev would tell M to do something and then get 
all soap opera pissed about it, just as M would get all skulky 
little-boy about it is completely w-a-c-k-o.

In any case, what M has said about it was that he was in fact in the 
mountains meditating and he kept getting a desire to go into town, 
so he did, and all this is what happened as a result.

Enlightenment and devotion to one's teacher is not all about 
following orders once the goal is reached. One's teacher is there to 
offer compassion and guidance in the midst of total freedom, 
infinite freedom.
It isn't like a teacher/student relationship in waking state at all, 
nor can it be imagined from that perspective. So much is 
accomplished in silence, in the infinite slience within, that it is 
a mistake to see it as some sort of one dimensional linear transfer 
of knowledge, to then be considered in a rigorous formal context.

Not at all, to have true devotion with a Saint means a bond that 
transcends that of an ordinary teacher, nearly impossible to convey, 
save through experience.

Maharishi is carrying out Brahmananda Saraswati's influence and 
knowledge to a 'T'. Perfection. And Guru Dev remains focused on this 
planet, like the Sun, all of the stars of the Milky Way galaxy, and 
then some...

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