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> wrote:
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> > Or he might just be a very ambitious man. He came to
> > the West from the
> > third world to make a buck.  Maybe he believes his
> > own rap, maybe he
> > doesn't.  But he is a fascinating guy from any
> > perspective.  I don't
> > have much use for a pipeline to any of the God ideas
> > from his or any
> > other culture.  But reflecting on my experience with
> > MMY in this group
> > and hearing other's reflections has been valuable
> > for me.  Seeing his
> > faults is not mudslinging in my book.  I think we
> > are all just
> > weighing in with our perspectives and experiences on
> > an amazing ride
> > that some of us took and got off, and some continue
> > on.  In the fuller
> > context of my life Robert Johnson and his music has
> > had a much bigger
> > influence on me and my life's direction than MMY.
> For me, if I just took MMY's personality and surface
> behavior I'd have dismissed MMY and the TMO sometime
> in the late 70's. However I have been profoundly
> impacted by MMY's techniques and his presence. I
> experience MMY as radiating an all consuming energy of
> the Transcendent. He is incredibly powerful. If I did
> not experience him as this "Blazing Brahman" his
> surface behavior would have turned me off decades ago.
> I find SSRS to be radiating this same energy; an
> infinite vastness. I didn't experience SSRS like this
> until after two years of interacting wityh him. Then
> one day: POW! But SSRS's personality is very different
> than MMY's so it's easier to have a personal
> relationship with him and SSRS makes himself available
> to people on a more one-to-one basis. He also does
> "stuff" to people (I'll just leave these pearls at
> that...too many lurking swines) Just different dharma
> for two amazing men. My life has been profoundly
> enriched by both. 
Well said!

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