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> > > > > Is that cos Guru Dev is competition too????????
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> > Absolutely.
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> > > I have had some thoughts about that. (snip)

>  I've often thought that Maharishis' lack of loyalty to many who 
> befriended and supported him is one of the most troubling things 
> him and the TMO. I know the common justification has always been 
> 'he's a monk' or 'no attachments'. Well neither of these are really 
> Do we know what Guru Dev told him to do? Where does that info come 
> JohnY

Monk?/Sexcapades; 'no attachments'?/$ 

Mahesh isn't loyal, he *expects* loyalty. That's the score. It's a 
nasty pill to swallow, but gradually, person after person has 
discovewrd this axiom. Loyalty and his notion of disloyalty keep the 
turnover in those who serve him turning over.

Mahesh doesn't care about individuals (except maybe that girlfriend 
he was moaning about [which was more about him than her] and maybe 
Vernon). People are "things" tools, items, collateral.

Mahesh has an agenda. While no one is ever going to figure out what 
that agenda is, exactly, obviously some parts are about $ and himself 
getting what he wants. 

World Peace? Big joke. You paid, Mahesh kept the money. 

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