Hi Michael,

I have vacillated on the litter issue quite a bit in the past year.  We had a 
conversation here a while back about how clumping litters can cause issues in 
cats' stomachs because they lick the litter off their feet.  So I got scared 
and switched to SweatScoop, a wheat based litter.  But it smelled so horrible 
after sitting in a tied plastic bag in our kitty 'dumpster' that it made me 
ill.  Plus the clumps can get really hard and they stick to the side of the 
box, making the box really hard to clean.  It just did not work for me like I 
liked.  I also talked to my vet and he said he has never seen any issues due to 
clumping litter and uses it himself.  So then I went cheaper to Tidy Cats, and 
it is way too dusty!  Plus, I found it did not clump as well as my original 
(the little clumps fell apart in my auto cleaner making it not work as well), 
so I went back to my original, Fresh Step Scoopable for Multiple Cats, and I 
like it.  It's more expensive than
 some, which is bad for me, because we have a kitty with CRF, and she pees 
constantly.  But, I also use an automatic litter box.  The one that runs very 
slowly all day.  It's round and I ordered it off of Petco.com for about $119.  
Best investment I ever made.  I LOVE it!  No more scooping and I empty the 
little reservoir out, which uses plastic grocery bags (which is another great 
selling point), whenever I need to.  It has made cleaning the litter box much 
less of a chore.  I do have to take it completely apart every now and then and 
give it a thorough cleaning, including the moving gears (they get litter stick 
in their grooves).  So if you or someone in your house is good with tinkering 
with things, it shouldn't be a problem.  I also have two other regular boxes in 
the house.  I do not completely change the litter out every week.  Probably 
every 2-3 weeks, if that.  As long as I scoop it regularly, the remaining 
litter is fine for a while.

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Ok, guys, as you know, my cat population has grown to four.  With that comes an 
exponential number of litterboxes (three currently, thinking about upgrading to 
four), and well, honestly, litter is getting a bit expensive with all the other 
costs.  I'm curious about what you guys use?  Right now I use Tidy Cats 
scoopable litter, and the Tidy cats litter deodorizer, too.  I've also been 
changing the boxes out completely every week (at least every other week).  This 
gets expensive, especially considering it takes a box and a half to fill three 
boxes every week.  The problem is if I don't change the box out every week, it 
starts to smell, and one of the litterboxes is in the guestroom. :(  
So my question is, what kind of litter do you guys use, and what protocol do 
you use to keep the odor to a minimum?  What are the differences in scoopable 
versus non-scoopable?  I'd appreciate any opinions on the matter. :)


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