I used to use only clumping clay litter, and was never that happy with it.  
It's terribly dusty, and I found it smelled even when it was fairly fresh.

When my anemic kitty started eating it, I tried some alternatives.

Now, my favorite as far as price and ease of use is:  a rubbermaid container, 
not huge, but with deeper sides than a regular cat box.  I buy a large bag of 
pine or cedar shavings, and a bag of Yesterday's News litter.  I fill the 
bottom of the container with a thick layer of shavings, probably 6 inches, then 
a couple inches of yesterday's news on top.

Then all I do is scoop the poop, and the pee soaks through down into the 
shavings.  It smells great, and I just dump the whole thing when the shavings 
become quite wet.  The layer of Yesterday's News gives them something to 
scratch around in, and keeps the pee smell from coming up from the shavings.

Another litter I like is called Elegant Cat.  It's shaped like Yesterday's 
News, but its made out of dried alfalfa or grass.  This stuff clumps enough 
that I can scoop the pee as well, but I'm not sure how far this litter is 
distributed.  It's made close to where I live.


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