Thanks so much, Kerry - They were both adorable in their own ways, and Hendrix had a possibility for adoption - someone wanted an FIV cat and Hendrix was FIV and really easy and friendly. Sigh. I appreciate your kind words so much.


On Feb 6, 2008, at 10:14 AM, MacKenzie, Kerry N. wrote:

Oh Gloria, heartbreaking enough to lose Angel Moon so recently, but now
to find Miss Hendrix has passed, and so suddenly and shockingly. I
really am so sorry. Each of them sounds such an adorable sweetie in her
own way. It's just so difficult when they endear themselves to us--and
then they're just not there any more. At least the little souls knew
they were much-loved and cared for.
If you go ahead with the necrospy please do let us know the outcome when
you have time.
Much love and big hugs, Kerry M.

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I've had 2 cats die in the last two months, I am so sad to say.
Please add to the bridge list.  They were not FELV.

Angel Moon was a 5-6 year old siamese girl, died Dec 14.  She was a
shy, scaredy cat - would come out to ask for food and go Meow-Meow,
but wouldn't have any thing to do with people for the most part.  I've
had her for a year or so.

Miss Hendrix was probably 8-10 yrs  girl, a short but quite fat black
kitty, really cute, funny and likeable.  She's been with me 4 years, a
real sweetie, looked great.  She just developed a cold or something
over the last couple of days, I was treating her, and suddenly there
she was - it was a real shock to lose her late last night (February
5).  Will probably have a necropsy.


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