oh, honey, i'm so sorry.

my gmail is messing up lately, and i didn't see your post until there had
been responses to it......

all i can say is remind you of what i tell myself: that they come to us when
they need us (and when we need them), and they stay exactly as long as we
need them to be there--when they've taught us what they're meant to, and
when they've received from us what they need to go on, it is time. no
promises, no guarantees, and therefore, nothing but the love and light
matters anyway.

you were the only human in the world they wanted to spend the last part of
their life with, and that's a pretty awesome thing. thank you for sharing
them with us--i can just see angel moon sneaking out for a snack and a
hello, then going back to her safe space; and your description of miss
hendrix brings a grin to my face, thinking of the ones who are flat-out
silly and funny.

GLOW to heal your heart and light the darker corners of your house, and to
make sure that the two of them are making great friends at the bridge.

blessed be.



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