Somethings you can do for anemia are vitamin B and get some nutrived to supplement him with. Fred is anemic from his kidney disease and he get all of that plus a vitamin B shot once a week. I buy the nutrived here:

I've looked around and this is the cheapest place I've found it.

I get the injectable vitamin B from my vet and the syringes to give the shots from my local pharmacy (it's cheaper than getting it from my vet).

Fred also get something called Marrow Plus, I get that here:

I buy the 270 bottle and Fred gets 1/2 pill twice a day, I don't know if this one is doing a whole lot so if you have to choose between this and the nutrived, get the nutrived, I know that one has helped Fred.

If the anemia is directly being caused by the virus at some point you may need to use prenisolone and epogen. The epo isn't as expensive as it sounds, alot of people on the anemia list I'm on use it and they get it from Walmart or Costco and a 5 or 6 shot supply is around $28 to $30 dollars. It is dosed three times a week to start and once the anemia is under control once a week or less.

Was he started on doxycycline in case he had hemobartonella? This is a must with FeLV+ cats that become anemic. Hemo is VERY hard to test for and I know of many cats that were positive that tested negative numerous times, their vet had the fore site to put them on doxy and they got better. Hemo will kill them if not treated, but giving the doxy will put the hemo into remission, it is never cured but can be put into remission. Getting the doxy won't hurt them it they are negative but not treating the hemo if they are and are testing negative, may cost them their life.

When Bailey first became sick, his first symptom was anemia, we reversed that with prednisolone and epogen, but we couldn't find the cancer we were pretty sure he had. Turns out he had pancreatic cancer. If he had not had the cancer the prednisolone and epogen would have kept him going for who knows how long, I know of one cat on my feline lymphoma list that was on epogen for 2 years and with out it he would have died in a month tops.

I if it were me would ask for the doxy and the hemo test if he hasn't had it. Keep on top of the anemia. When getting blood to test for it ask your vet to take a drop or two from Boo Boo's ear instead of drawing a big vile that Boo Boo can't spare. Only a few drops is needed to check for anemia results.

That's all I can think of for now.


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