I'd just watch him closely for the next few days to see if the cough changes in any way. If it's going away, or seems to happen less, then it might not be anything to worry about. Ember did this weird panting thing several weeks ago, and it hasn't happened since. She may have had a reaction to a high dose of Flagyl. If BooBoo actually does hack up fur, then it's highly unlikely to be something abnormal. Cats are prone to that, as you know.

One thing I've done, though not as regularly as I should have, is to keep a text file on my computer of dates and any unusual health occurrences for Ember. I used it to track a diarrhea problem over a year ago, and I still have the file, in case I need to refer to it.


On Feb 10, 2008, at 12:25 PM, Lynne wrote:

Hi all.

I've noticed that BooBoo gets these coughing spells. I described it to the vet and he says it sounds like fur balls. He does use his litter box so I don't think there is an obstruction or anything like that, but I'm not convinced this is the problem. I'll get some of that fur ball stuff in a tube for him today, but could this be something else? I have no idea if this was a problem before we got them because the previous owners will not offer up any more information on him to me. I do know that the previous owners smoked in their home and that certainly could not have been good for him. Is this a typical problem for a Felv cat ? If so, should I be getting him back to the vet for some kind of medication?


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