Belinda, that sounds like a challenge ~ HCM and CRF. Is the vomit undigested food? If yes, is he gobbling his food? Might check to see if the food refusal is connected with the vomiting (refusing before or after).

I wonder if the panting might be associated with the HCM (if his heart is racing). I can't imagine he has asthma too... Bless his heart (literally). Lucy was diagnosed with HCM when she was 9, too. Hers has stayed the same on the benazepril and she will go off that med if she continues the same (via ultrasound) at her next appt.


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   Hi Laurie,
Joey has never coughed, it is the panting he did but only when he was 5 months old and then put on the heart meds stoppd that but he looked very unhealthy. When he was checked a year later he was taken off the meds and given a clean bill of health for the heart disease. He really developed heart disease at 9 years of age and has gotten benazepril since then and his heart disease is progessing very slowly.

He is losing weight though and recently has starting vomiting one or two times a week. He also was diagnosed with eary CRF about a year ago and my vet wanted me to give him fluids 3 times a week, but he acts like I'm killing him so I have not done that. I know his kidney disease has progressed and the vomiting is partly from that because sometimes its just foam which goes along with CRF. BUT he never, ever vomited in his whole life so I will be taking him in to get that checked out because sometimes it is his food. His weight loss over the last few years has me a bit worried, he has gone from 10 pounds 5 or 6 years ago to just a little over 8 pounds now. I'm scared what she is going to say about his CRF, with his heart disease fluids are tricky so I have to be careful but advanced kidney disease sometimes requires alot of fluids, Fred get 150cc a day.

We discovered Joey's HCM because he developed a heart murmur and we did an ultra sound and saw the slight thickening of the left side. His murmur has stayed the same for the last 3 years.

From my experience, Joey's attacks could be asthma. Does he hunch way down
and get his neck way out when he's coughing. How long does coughing last? Frankie's are always 10-15 minutes.


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