I am so happy BooBoo is doing OK. My little Ki who
died in June came from the same kind of place.  I only
had him for a yr, but it was a good year, and he knew
what it was to be loved and wanted.  Forget the past. 
I know there are many people who can help you on this
list.  I was a novice (still am) but I was going to
try the IR on Ki.  I was impressed with the stuff I
read about it.  Go for all you can as long as Boo is
comfortable.  Bless you all.


--- catatonya <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Good luck with Boo Boo.  I'm sorry the bloodwork
> doesn't look better.  It sounds like you have a vet
> that knows what they're doing.
>   Obviously the previous owners just suck.
>   tonya
> Lynne <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>           BooBoo just came home from his neutering. 
> He had no trouble whatsoever with the anesthesia,
> has eaten, had a drink and can't stop purring.  He's
> really happy to be home.  The vet went over his
> blood work with us and told us it didn't look good. 
> He's already anemic.  I was so hoping for some good
> news.  He's checking into some drugs for the future
> if needed and we choose to go that route.  He said
> they are very expensive.  This whole experience has
> sucked the life out of me.  I look at this precious
> little guy and he has absolutely no signs of a
> disease yet I know he does.  I am so angry with his
> previous owners right now.  They emailed me last
> week when I told them the news and they pretty much
> suggested that we gave him this disease because he
> was always healthy and happy.  This coming from a
> family who never took him to a vet.  He was a mess
> when we got him, totally matted, fleas and a
> terrible case of earmites.  Now he's beautifully
> groomed, clean and
>  seemingly overjoyed at being here.  This all so
> totally new to me.  We've never had a pet with an
> illness, let alone something like this.  I swear I'm
> becomming depressed.  I'm not gonna let BooBoo know
> it though.  
>   Lynne

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of your God"
                   Mosiah 2:17

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