Keep us updated.  You would be doing a very good deed!  Not many people will 
take positives.

Beth Gouldin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
  Hi everyone - 
We have been able to locate an almost 1 year old  very healthy FeLV+ neutered 
male siamese. We will be going to see him in a couple weeks... Do you think 
that is 'old enough'?  This is only a potential - we don't have to make a 
decision quickly.  From what I understand, he was exposed as a kitten (last May 
) and tested (in June) positive for FeLV. I think she said he would be a year 
in March (I think) but in the mean time, he hasn't had any health problems at 
all - even through the rounds of URI in his mates...I don't think that he's 
been re-tested since.   Do you think we should request him to be re-tested 
before we take him in? 
I'm excited about the prospects of having another siamese - and as long as he's 
healthy this could work. I'll keep you all updated - I have to make a trip to 
Chicago next week or else I would have already probably checked him out.

hope you all have a good evening.


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