Hi Sharon,
When my grandmother was feeding a feral colony in NC (I live in TX), I called 
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah, a group I donate to, and they called one 
of their sister groups in NC.  The rescue came out, trapped all of them, 
spayed/neutered, and then released them back to my grandmother.  It was 
wonderful to see.  That was about five years ago.  My grandma died a year ago 
in July '07, and I trapped the only remaining feral, named her Ensie (for NC), 
and brought her back to TX.  She let me pet her the night we arrived home 
(after 5 years of not letting me touch her) and she's been wonderful ever 
since.  I hope you are able to find a good rescue group that will help you 
out.  You might also consider seeing if you're local vet will help you out in 
case the rescues don't come through.
I'm sorry to hear about your sweet Trixster.  That must have been very hard.

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the world - indeed it is the only thing that ever has!"     ~~~ Margaret Meade 

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Hi All,
I am new to Felv and just lost my Trixter to this awful Disease. I want to 
thank all of you for the information I have been reading from you all.
I have many ferals around my house because of the 3 fields that surround me. I 
have talked to the farmer but he is not interested in trying to help me help 
his cats. I have had to close up my cat door to protect my other 3.
I dont know anything about rounding them up and would hate to catch them just 
to be put to death. Any suggestions.
Regards to all, Sharon 

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