Thanx Tonya, 
Tink is vaccinated now, I had lost my job and so took Trixter and Tink to Spca 
for spay and neuter. I thought they had all their shots also like was done at 
my vets for the other 2 but found out the hard way losing Trixter that it was 
not the case.( My stupity)Micki Kitty17yrs and Cocoa 5 years got their 
boosters. But still have to have Tink retested. No matter the result she will 
stay with me. She has really helped me over the loss of Trixter.
I have gone to the other sites recommended about ferals but until I am back to 
work it would be cost prohibative for me.
Warm Regards Sharon

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I would spay any I could catch and make sure that my own cats were vaccinated.  
I'm sorry for your recent loss.

Sharon Harden <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Hi All,
I am new to Felv and just lost my Trixter to this awful Disease. I want to 
thank all of you for the information I have been reading from you all.
I have many ferals around my house because of the 3 fields that surround me. I 
have talked to the farmer but he is not interested in trying to help me help 
his cats. I have had to close up my cat door to protect my other 3.
I dont know anything about rounding them up and would hate to catch them just 
to be put to death. Any suggestions.
Regards to all, Sharon
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