Thanx Diane, 
 I am corresponding with Gesine. Have gotten some great info from this group.
I had taken Trix and Tink to SPCA (only because i am not working yet)  for spay 
and neuter and have since found out that they dont test for Felv.They had 
Rabies and Fiv shots there, but me not being knowlegable, I thought Fiv 
shot was for felv. I am now trying to learn and asking many more questions. 
Trix and Tink were found in field not of the same mother, so now I am thinking 
Trix might already have been positive.
Warm regards, Sharon

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Unfortunately, not all vets are current on the latest thinking on such "death 
sentence" diseases as FeLV and FIV.  It's so important to find one who is 
knowledgeable and willing to work with a kitty through its various issues.  
There are many knowledgeable and supportive vets out there, and often the ones 
who are not knowledgeable welcome any info you can give them, so don't be 
discouraged.  If this vet persists in her "he must be suffering" viewpoint it 
might be good to shop around.  
Good luck with "your" ferals.  In case you haven't come across it, [EMAIL 
PROTECTED] is a wonderful resource.  Some of the members can be a little 
hard-line about some things, but the files section of the web page is a 
treasure trove of good info on trapping, vetting and other aspects of feral 
caretaking.  Many of them are working with little or no money themselves.  The 
co-listmom, Gesine, gives great down-to-earth advice.
Diane R.

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Thanx Tonya,
I have been on the internet to many sites that have been very informative and 
am going to try to find help with the colony around my home.
This was a new vet I went to and am now going to ask more questions. Being new 
to felv i didnt know much. I took her word that he was suffering and would only 
get worse.
It's a little hard for me at this time because i lost my job so finances are 
low. But I am trying to find help so this doesnt happen again.
The feralcat group at yahoo has been very helpful about tnr if i can find a vet 
who will help me, since i am not working and have the time to do it.
Again Thanx so much for your support.

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Be sure to really check around.  My sister is in North Carolina and they have 
TNR program that cost only like 15 dollars per spay and neuter.  Good luck.

Sharon Harde_______________________________________________
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