Thank you so much, Jane. Any and all advice is welcomed. I'm very
new to this, and have been going between feeling hopeful about
things, and bursting into tears. I love him so much. I'm on pins and
needles waiting for my vet to call with the test results. 

 On Fri 14/11/08 7:06 AM , Jane Lyons [EMAIL PROTECTED] sent:
  Hi Lisa
 Forti-Flora will be fine for a kitten. I used it successfully with
 I am rushing out and will write more later.
 On Nov 14, 2008, at 12:55 AM, Lisa Borden wrote:
 > I am so happy to have found this list. Two weeks ago, I took in a
 > month old kitten. He's a beautiful orange kitten and I've fallen
 > love with him. Yesterday I took him to the vet for his vaccines,
 > we ran an FeLV/FIV "snap" test. It came back positive for FeLV. We
 > sent off the other test (IFA?) to the lab and I await those
 > I have two other cats - one is almost 4 (male) and one is 2
 > (female). They have both been vaccinated against FeLV. My male in
 > particular has become close with the kitten. it proved to be
 > impractical to isolate the kitten as he just cried and cried ...
 > escaped every time I opened the door. So I decided to supervise
 > make sure they don't fight, keep a clean litterbox, etc. and I
 > let him back out with my other cats. From the couple of posts I
 > read, I see I am not the only one. And my vet was so adament about
 > keeping the baby isolated.
 > He does have diarrhea, and I was looking at probiotics. Can
 > something like Fortiflora harm him if he does have a compromised
 > immune system? I understand I would be giving him "good" bacteria
 > balance things out. He was negative for worms.
 > Thank you for any info, and I look forward to the group,
 > of the test results. My kitten is active, and is a LOVE ... and he
 > isn't going anywhere!
 > Lisa
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