Check with a holistic vet in addition to your regular vet if you can.   
I credit Dixie's life to the cooperation between both types of vets  
here in Louisville.  I have two boys now who are very healthy (thank  
God) and who have tested negative.  I still use both types of vets  
with them.  They came from a pine thicket so have a questionable  
background..........thanks to my vets, they are flourishing.

Good luck.
On Nov 14, 2008, at 8:42 AM, Caroline Kaufmann wrote:

> Even if the lab test comes back positive, since he's a kitten, make  
> sure you retest later.  I reccommend 3 months.
> I have never mixed b/c I've only had 1 felv at a time and had a room  
> for that cat, but I have let the cat out in the house to roam while  
> the others are put away so technically, they have "shared spaces"-  
> but never food or water or litter boxes.  I have never had any later  
> retest as felv due to that exposure.  My own opinion is that felv is  
> not transmitted as easily as believed in the past.  In fact, I am  
> starting to think it's more akin to FIV where the contact has to be  
> very direct, like a deep bite wound, or transmission through birth.   
> Again, that's my own opinion just based on experience and my own  
> self education and I know other list members and vets will disagree,  
> so in the end, it's always up to you to do what's best for the cat.
> caroline kaufmann > Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2008 09:13:22 -0500> From: [EMAIL 
> > To:> Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] 3 1/2  
> month old kitten with diarrhea> > Lisa> > It is good that you have a  
> vet who is willing to work with you. I am one of> those on this list  
> who mixed my cats. By the time I knew I had a problem all> my cats  
> had been exposed for months. Since stress management is very>  
> important it would seem wise not to upset the kitten by separating  
> him. That> being said he will also be exposed to anything your cats  
> might get as well.> > There are many treatments should the IFA test  
> be positive as well. Also> sometimes kittens can throw the virus. I  
> too have used probiotics for my> cats. Some find pumpkin to be  
> useful for diarreah.> > Sally> > -- > Sally, Eric (not a  
> cat),Junior(angel), Tiny(angel) Fluffy(soul mate angel),> Speedy,  
> Grey and White, Ittle Bitty, Little Black, Lily, Daisy, Pewter,>  
> Junior Junior (newest) I call him JJ , Silver, and Spike Please  
> Visit my> Message board for some pictures. You are welcome to sign  
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