Tommy's test was positive.
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        Thank you for all of your wonderful responses. I can feel the love
and support already! It's so great to hear from other people who
are/were in my situation. 

        I just went to the store and bought some canned pumpkin as a couple
of you suggested. When I came home, he saw me messing with the cans
and started meowing for food. So I cracked open the pumpkin, gave him
some mixed with a little canned EVO (which he loves) and he devoured
the mixture. Now let's see if it helps his little tummy! He has a
good appetite, but I don't think he's getting enough nutrition
because the food goes right through him, you know? 

        I ordered him some probiotics. I am also going to look for a
holistic vet as someone else suggested. Sorry I can't reply to
everyone but believe me, I have read all of your responses and
appreciate them very much! I will let you know what his test results
are, and will want to hear from you what I should tell him when we go
back in, whether he is positive or not. At this point, I can NOT see
euthanizing him. He's just a happy, playful kitten that happens to
have an upset tummy! 

        "Yes we can!" I like that!! :) 

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